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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Badly written rant part two.

Syed was commenting to me about how things don't seem to be going my way some two weeks ago. I wasn't getting an internship, I got retrenched due to a band reshuffle and was told about it quite unceremoniously by a "friend" over msn, and that my love-life was really quite non-existent. Strangely enough, I wasn't all too effected by it all. I think its because I know I'm going to be okay and doing well no matter what. I have friends that I can trust, friends I can pour out to and know that they will listen and they know that I will listen. The people that care for me make me who I am and we help each other out.

Well, my love life is still quite non-existent and I am still technically without a band but I have found an internship. I am now employed as an IS intern at a company called uniplas enterprises. The details of the job are as exciting as watching Days of Our Lives re--runs. I am setting up an in-house enterprise system using MSSQL and ASP on a linux machine. ASP on LINUX? ASP at this day and age? Yes. I've tried arguing with the boss. What I can do on ASP, I can do on Java or Ruby on Rails in less than half the time, with less headaches too. But the guy is adamant, even against PHP. He is set on ASP to build the invoice/order-delivery, part-maintanence, employee-history system. So I've been spending the last one week working on it. He gave me ten days to learn the language and do up a log-in page with a table display. I gave that to him by the second day (spent the whole of the first day figuring out user-permissions on MSSQL). Now, I'm trying to see if I can structure the code in an MVC kind of way. Putting all the code on the same page as the HTML is making me feel icky.

Okay, okay.. yes, geek talk, I know. Back to regular programming. Why is it that girls don't find programmers sexy? We're smart, object-oriented people, whatever that means.

So yeah. Its a 5 1/2 day work week, starting at 8am everyday. Phew. I'm taking it all in stride. I came to work with 2 kilos of textbooks I borrowed from the library because the boss doesn't want to give me internet access yet. So I download relevant pages onto my Mac and bring them to work.. and consult the pages without clicking on any links. Haha. I'm still happy though. I'm being paid to be a better programmer and I have my own desk and drawers. And office phone. haha. At least it isn't boring work.

Anyway, I put in application for this scholarship thing by Apple to go to the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco this August about two weeks ago. I figured that I'm probably not going to get it but it was worth a shot applying for anyway. The deal was to get to go to the congregation of a huge number of Apple and Open Source (geek talk alert) developers from all over the world. The ticket to the conference alone costs US 1.3 K. The scholarship also offers a US 500 dollar travel assistance and some other freebies.

Yeap, you guessed it. Last week, Leon from Apple told this bunch of us who applied that we're getting the scholarship. Heh.

Really quite something to look forward to. I've never been to any place further than Indonesia and Malaysia. And to be among the world leading IT intellectuals. It's going to be quite an experience, I bet. I needed another 900 bucks to top up on the travel expenditure.. so I was thinking hard on how I could get the money.. when I was reading this newsletter that my school sent out. It had some news on the Profs, showed the profiles of some new scholars in the school. I didn't apply for anything this year because I felt I didn't really contribute much to the school recently and I don't want to just say that I did during interviews just to get a scholarship. So, I was reading.. to the part about awards.. and right at the top was this Ankit Fadia Information Security Award.. prestigious thingy.. with a 500 dollar award.. I scrolled down...

And I saw my online SMU mugshot under the award title.

Honestly, I was flabbergasted (wow finally got to use the word). I had no clue that I won anything.. Quite a pleasant surprise. I thought it was a group award.. and I knew my Information Security and Trust group stood a good chance of winning the award.. so I totally didn't expect to win it as an individual. I promised the rest of the group a huge seafood dinner though. Least I could do, I think. At least I'll still have about 300 dollars for the August trip.

I wonder about the kind of responses I'll get if I tried to use the fact that I won the Ankit Fadia Information Security Award as a pick-up line. Will it work, you think? Or how about my ability to create web forms in under 1 minute?


  • At 7:41 PM, Anonymous diarna said…

    Dude... I don't know about the girls not liking geeky people but I'm hot over smart guys. My guy must be smart: book and street. Haha... Is it too much to ask for? I need intellectual stimulation! I'm sure you'll find someone hot over your programming stuff. I'm serious. Although I'm pretty sure that girls can get a bit pissed that you'd rather work all night instead of spending a little time with her. Moderation my dear friend.

  • At 12:25 AM, Blogger undergradbyday said…

    I'm a sucker for girls with wit and humor. And yeah, have to tear myself away from hours of pouring over monotonous code to spend some time with a special someone.

    when i have one, that is.

  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger Diarna said…

    i sense a slight hint of self pity... on being unattached. stop it, and just enjoy yourself. she'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes. guys appreciate with age (and career) while girls depreciate. so you'll have more to be thankful for later on.

  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger undergradbyday said…

    you are right, diarna. i'm not going to agree with you on girls depreciating.. but i agree that there really isnt a good reason for self-pity.


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